Monday, March 9, 2009

What a great weekend

It was 70 degrees on Saturday. We spent all day outside playing. We got the mansion put together and Jace loves it. He would not allow us to go inside. We had to bribe him to take a nap. But before beginning play time we had to run a few errands. He wanted to wear his cowboy boots so I broke out the wranglers and plaid shirt to make him a full cowboy. Isn't he just so cute?

Once we got home and changed clothes, he took turns alternating between playing on the swingset to wanting to ride in his wagon. So I got lots of exercise.

Here are a few pics of Jace letting his monkey genes shine through. He is climbing across the monkey bars on his swingset. He was able to crawl all the way across, turn around and crawl the whole way back. I had to tell him a few times that he was not allowed to stand up. Silly BOY!

I am going to call Children's Emergency Room and see if they will let me start prepaying on the foresee bills. As I am sure we will be seeing them again since my boy seems to have absolutely no fear what so ever.

And I wonder why I am gray at 28.

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