Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Easter Bunny

Jace went to visit the Easter Bunny this evening. We had talked about it for days and I thought he was all prepared, but when we got there he refused to sit on Bunny's lap. He would only sit beside him, without me, if he could have his candy. So I figured what would easter pics be without candy.
High 5 Bunny!
All in all, I think they are good pics. I learned long ago, after working for a portrait studio that a smile isn't everything.
And I got tons of compliments on his outfit which made me feel really good. Of course he only had it on for the 10 minutes total. I changed him in the mall when we got there and as soon as pictures were over he changed back into his 'street' clothes. I am not taking any chances on getting the outfit dirty. I have a feeling it will get dirty on Easter anyway.

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Dani said...

Jace is such a cutie. He did much better than Cassidy!! We talked about the Easter Bunny for days, but she wouldn't sit next to him, unless big bro was there to protect her, and she wouldn't even so much as look at him . . . well of course, until we left, then she was all smiles and said Bye Bye Bunny.

I hear ya on the Easter outfit. I got Cassidy a denim jumper with a bunny on it, because I didn't want to get something fancy that would get dirty from running around hunting eggs.