Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pittsburgh Day One

The fountain between PNC Park and Heinz Field
Our original plan was to meet up with my sister and her girls at the Pittsburgh Zoo. She got to Pittsburgh about 30 minutes before we did and said it was pouring so we decided to just go the Children's Museum instead. It was a blast.
Mr. Roger's Couch
In their 'arts room' kids can make paper, screen printing, sewing, painting, transfers and who knows what I missed. Jace loved cutting with scissors. Then there is Mr. Rogers neighborhood. Thave it all! The sweaters, shoes, trolley, puppets, couch, traffic light. The kids had a blast and we did to. After that we went to 'the attic'. I am not really sure how to explain that one. There is a 'crooked' room, a super fast slide, different light tricks and all sorts of other gadgets. After the attic is the 'garage'. There is a giant version of Mouse Trap in there, a work shop, a PT cruiser and other things. Then it was off to Bob the Builder. Jace loved that room. He got on all the machines and tried to fix the sink. We skipped the waterworks.
Jace fixing the sink in Bob the Builder Exhibit
Jace and I in Bob the Builder Machines

Jace at the bottom of the fountain
After spending our day at the museum we headed to our hotel to check in. After having dinner we decided to go walk the river and try to wear the kids out. Yeah right. They were still wound for sound when we got back to the room so we went swimming. Then we heard the storms and went back to the room. We watched the news has they had tornado warnings/watches and flooding. Pittsburgh got something like 4 inches of rain in about 3 hours. Crazy. The hotel lost power (we didn't thanks to generators) and the fire alarms went off in some areas.
The guys at the end of day one


katiebear said...

Wish I was there and could meet you!!

Love the Children's Museum!!!

Irishembi said...

Glad you had a good time and sorry about that tornado thing! It's pretty rare here. We love the Children's Museum too. Sorry we didn't get to meet up. I was hoping to hear from you, but I was pretty busy packing up the gang for Myrtle Beach too.

Do you think you'll be back?