Monday, May 18, 2009


We took Jace to the circus yesterday. And let me just say that the circus is not what it used to be. It was more of a musical in my opinion. But, Jace seemed to like it all that is all that matters to me.

First we went outside and 'met' the animals. Jace was asking all day to see the elephants and he was duly impressed when he saw the elephants eating apples. It was actually what he talked abou the rest of the day. It is hilarious to hear him say it too.

After meeting the animals we headed inside to go down to the circus floor and meet the performers. Jace wasn't exactly sure what to think of all the crazy people. But he did good, he never cried or hid his face. He just stared at them in complete and utter awe.

Then we headed up the suite to watch the show. Jace was completely mesmerized for about the first 45 minutes. He didn't take his eyes of the ring and didn't even touch his kid's meal. He did really well and being in the suite helped because he could get up and move around. About the last 20 minutes he was done and I went with him to let him run the halls.
Overall it was a good day and Jace seemed to enjoy it.

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